Header Boycott Israël


As doctors and scientists we are shocked and appalled by the worsening situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories.

The idea of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis, which developed between 1993 and 2000, is today no more than a memory.

The violence used by the Israeli Government and it’s army imposes each day more inhuman conditions on the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank. The Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is the man most responsible. He is also the man who described the Oslo peace process as the “worst disaster” ever to befall Israel.

This policy is equally disastrous for the Israeli people, who pay the price of the occupation with the deaths of their innocent civilians. They cannot hope to live in peace and security while driving the Palestinians to despair.

We are also worried about the serious consequences of this conflict on relations between Jews and Arabs in the rest of the world. For our part, we want to show, by our example, that discussion can mobilise people against all forms of racism.

We say to French people of Arab and Muslim origin that their fellow citizens of Jewish origin are not responsible for what is happening to the Palestinians. And we say to the French people of Jewish origin and to the whole population that to criticise the politics of the Israeli state is not to be anti-semitic.

We appeal to:
– everyone in Israel and Palestine who has worked for and supported an international peace settlement
– and to all those who support international peace in the Middle East

We demand:
– implementation of United Nations resolutions and support for the Geneva Convention
– a United Nations peace-keeping force
– dismantling of illegal Israeli settlements
– immediate withdrawal of the Israeli army from the occupied territories since 1967
– establishment of a Palestinian state, recognising the mutual rights and aspirations of both populations.

No one, either among the population or the Government, can remain indifferent to the terrible events in the Middle East.