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The CAPJPO-EuroPalestine Charter


We, being citizens of all origins, devoted to respect for human rights, for international law and for justice for all the peoples of the world, are determined to denounce without cease the occupation of the Palestinian Territories which has lasted for so many years and which seriously threatens world peace.

The brutal repression suffered by the Palestinian people, the destruction of their houses, of their crops, of their sanitary and educational infrastructures, and of their social organisation, is aimed at driving them off the land.

The State of Israel, which has always refused to define its frontiers, thus enabling it to continue annexing more and more land, has turned its back on all the negotiated solutions despite concessions made by the Palestinians over the years. All their efforts have to date been vain and the denial of right and justice made by the various Israeli governments has never ceased. In such a context, we consider that it is the duty of the international community to act. We must lead our governments to force Israel, which wants to enter into a full partnership with our European countries, to respect the United Nations Resolutions, the Geneva Conventions and the recent judgment made by the International Court of Justice in the Hague, which requires the dismantling of the wall of apartheid and the annexation.

It is not normal that our government should continue to entertain privileged relations with Israel at the level of economic, military, cultural and sporting matters, when this State puts itself above the law, imprisons children, practises torture and even considers the « transfer », by a further expulsion, of the Palestinians.

The argument that might is right is unacceptable. We are conscious that this explosive situation and source of hatred and sagevery, will not spare us. In France, we already see the constant stigmatisation of ill-favoured minorities and unacceptable amalgams.

It is clear to us that, while Jews in general are not reponsible for the suffering of Palestinians, the supporters of the Zionist and racist policies of the State of Israel must not make us keep quiet by the use of the odious blackmail which uses accusations of anti-semitism, and which itself encourages hatred and anti-semitism.

We insist on showing that the stakes for a just peace in the Near East concerns all of us, regardless of our origin or of our religion. The conflict which troubles us is neither ethnic nor religious but is purely political. It concerns the survival and the independence of a a people struggling with unequal arms against a colonial power which makes use of its military superiority, with the unfailing support of the United States of America.

We managed, not that long ago, to defeat apartheid in South Africa by militant commitment. The stakes are just as important concerning the Near East, perhaps even greater, because this is probably where the chances for world peace are being played out.

Euro-Palestine, which was able to give to many French citizens living in the Ile de France the possibility of expressing their demands for peace, the rule of law and justice in this region of the world, by declaring during the European elections in June 2004 that « PEACE IN EUROPE WILL COME FROM JUSTICE IN THE NEAR EAST », will continue its efforts to enable more and more people to make themselves heard and to persuade our rulers to assume their responsabilities. In solidarity with the oppressed, resisting Palestinian people and with those Israelis who battle courageously against the occupation, such as the conscientious objectors thrown into prison when they refuse to serve in the occupying army.

We demand :

• The withdrawal of the Israeli army from all the lands occupied on 4th June 1967 and the dismantling of the colonies implanted in these territories

• The application of all the principles of the Geneva Conventions and the Resolutions of the United Nations, including the article which makes clear the necessity for a just solution for the refugees under the principle of the right to return, implying the recognition by Israel of its share of responsability for the disaster of 1948

• The creation either of a viable Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital, or of a single state giving the same rights to all its citizens without any discrimination based on origin or religion

• The sending of an international force to protect the Palestinian people

• The participation of France, one of the nations historically responsible for this crisis, in finding a solution to the conflict

• Sanctions against Israel so long as this State continues to deny justice

We refuse to accept :
The divisions which some try to impose on us, all forms of racism and all ostracism, and we ask for the promotion of republican values and of the « living together » to which we are forever attached.

CAPJPO-Euro-Palestine, 16 bis rue d’Odessa 75014 Paris.